Pilates for Pregnancy

They call it labour for a good reason. To sustain that hard work at that time it is a good idea to equip your body for it. Pilates sessions for pregnancy will help you see how important it is to prepare your body (and mind) for that special time of delivery and to actually get you to do the right exercises, specifically designed for each of the three trimesters and specifically designed for the individual woman. Gain experience with the Pilates exercises and get certified in a Pilates instructor course.

You will know also what is better to do after having given birth. So Pilates sessions for Post natal women is very much there to help you get your body in shape; but do not kid yourself, hard vigorous exercising straight after is a no, no as it is NO, no to engage yourself in strenuous crunches. Please, even if you decide for no Pilates, give yourself a break first and leave quite some time before you start your crunches. Do yourself that favour.

Let me briefly explain this: The rectus abdominus muscles will separate right out to the sides as the uterus expands and makes room for the growing fetus. This set of muscles will then remain open out for quite some time. If you work them straight after, you will make them stronger in that position and they will be much more difficult to rejoin back closer. This may have dire consequences with time; you basically have your abdomen exposed.

If you however think very highly of your body and your health, want to avoid the risk of abdominal hernia down the line, get a Pilates instructor specifically qualified for pregnancy. You will work together right through: from conception to birth and after a short break of about 6-7 weeks again with yet a different programme. Remember: yes, you will be doing this to be fit, but most importantly add the benefits of being healthy and happy.

And no, you do not have to wait to be pregnant before starting; in fact best to get on with it before you get there. Being pregnant means a lot of unpredictable times day in and day out and you will probably feel like exercising should be the last thing on your mind! You will establish a rapport though with your Pilates teacher where you will feel understood and supported. We can all do with a sympathetic approach, especially during special circumstances. Tips are good but you need to apply it to be proven.

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