Equestrian Pilates Specific For Horse Riders

Equestrian Pilates.. What Does This Mean?

Dive deep into your own Pilates practice and learn how to inspire others by applying what you have learned from pilates teacher training Sydney. Horse riding requires a very static low range of movement from most of the trunk and limb muscles. It is unlike running or athletics or a ball sport, all of which require the limbs to move through large ranges of motion. All sports require good core stability but horse riding in particular demands a strong core for the stability required to apply effective balanced aids to the horse.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is the term used to exercise the posture and the mostly the deep core abdominal muscles. It has been marketed as the new wave exercise program for a flat stomach and toned body. This is exactly what it can do if taught properly. Unfortunately many people are attending pilates classes and basically just doing aerobics with a tighter tummy as the main instruction.

Pilates is the specific training of the Transverse Abdominal muscle (TVA). It must be taught by a Physiotherapist or exercise Physiologist. Not all pilates classes are of use.

Equestrian Pilates is even more complex. Horse riders must first learn how to contract, then test and train the TVA muscle. But anyone can learn this and not use it in the saddle.

Equestrian Pilates or pilates specific for the horse rider is the most valuable program any rider can follow to improve their riding and improve their posture. Horse riders with a strong core ride with so much more skill.

What is Equestrian Pilates?

Equestrian pilates is how the rider uses deep core stability to be a great rider. Those riders that have a good functioning core are great riders those that dont need to learn ‘how to use their core to improve their riding and their posture.

Just doing pilates exercises is not enough. A rider must learn how to use the core muscles for stability of the lower back and the trunk. The core muscles are involved in all paces of the horse. The sit trot especially requires a functioning deep core muscle. The canter requires a flexible pelvis and lower back. This movement is controlled by the TVA muscle. But How you ask?

Who Teaches Equestrian Pilates?

Applied Posture Riding is equestrian pilates. This program has become one of the most popular, effective quality programs on the net. Applied Posture Riding is Pilates For Horse Riders. It is important in so many sports to learn about the use of the muscles and how how they function within your sport. This program is specific for horse riders. Applied Posture Riding looks at the anatomy and function of all the horse riding muscles. The pilates specific exercises go into detail about the deep core muscles and the main postural muscles used by the rider.

The rider has the information to test, train and learn movement patterns specific to the horse riding muscles.

The training of the deep core TVA muscles is focused on the horse rider. The exercises train the core for riding specifically. The upper body is strengthened as well and the mobility of the hips, shoulders and spine are all addressed in this equestrian pilates program

Who is Best Qualified to Teach Equestrian Pilates?

I have seen and treated many people who do pilates. I have instructed many horse riders who do pilates. Very few actually knew how to function in the saddle using pilates.

I am a Physiotherapist and and horse rider. I am a Pilates educator. I teach equestrian pilates or Pilates specific for horse Riders.

Applying pilates in the saddle requires a rider to teach you. Applied Posture riding is the most effective program to do this. For more information have a look at the website below. Good luck with your riding.

Annette Willson Author of Applied Posture Riding

I have a Masters Degree in Physiotherapy and I am a Pilates teacher and I am a retired elite competitor. My Applied Posture Riding program is a teaching program specific for horse riders, now available on DVD. If you want to learn more about training your self to ride with skill and confidence then this is the program for you. A good strong core is essential for riding and must be trained out of the saddle. Go to my website and treat yourself as a rider.
Pilates Specific For Horse Riders

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