Four Keys of The Brain-Gut Connection

Many people are wondering about the connection between the brain and colon. I receive email inquiries rendering curiosities about the relationship between my spiritual guidance and colon therapy. Why am I associating the delivery of profound wisdom with a water-based cleansing to the colon? I think this is a great question which opens another door for explaining this exclusive relationship between the brain and colon. I have four keys to nurture your paradigm shift. Part of gut health diet is to limit foods that are high in fat.

Colon Therapy

Knowledge of colon therapy is essential to understanding this unique healing relationship. This therapy is the water irrigation of a colon utilizing warm, filtered water for cleansing. Your body is made of 75 – 80% water. Your brain is approximately 80% water. You are walking water, flesh and bones. The first key to understanding the brain-gut connection is knowing the colon requires optimal water hydration to foster efficient movement of waste. The process employs a disposable, two hose kit attaching to a speculum which inserts into the rectum at the onset of the procedure. The hoses connect to a colon therapy device affixed directly to the sewage line. The process is clean, gentle and can assist relief from a number of health issues.

The Body

Do you remember the movie Robots? It’s a Disney Pixar film featuring the adventure of a baby robot turning into a man while journeying to find his place amongst inventors. At the movie’s introduction, the baby robot comes in a box, from the factory. The parents had to use directions for placement of each body piece in order to manifest the sum of their baby robot.

Unfortunately, many of us believe that our body organs and parts are all separate. However, unlike the baby robot, humans are born as one whole body unit. The second key to grasping this exceptional healing opportunity is acknowledging your body as one unit. Therefore, if one body organ is malfunctioning, there is, at least, one other accessory organ in the body, struggling to compensate for the inefficiency of its partner organ. Your body has a blueprint dependent upon the function of its entire unit. To embrace this knowledge is to create a new opening for healing.

The Mind

The brain is a shell which encapsulates the mind of your being’s existence. A mind is the most powerful element of one’s body. The mind generates your thoughts. The brain carries out the function of your thoughts delivered from the powerful direction of your mind. The mind is empowered to generate and decipher the mental, physical and spiritual information received by the body. Subsequently, these messages, conveyed within the depths of the mind, must move through the digestive processes of the body. Upon completion, this digestion is represented in the form of waste. The waste is a by-product of the information transacted by the mind. It carries an energy that one must release from the body, timely. The colon temporarily houses this residual. It is responsible for releasing this excrement from the body. To withhold these messages is to create a dense plethora of negative waste energy “weighting” the entire body downward into mental, physical or spiritual sickness. However, to release this material is to free the mind, body and spirit toward creative outlets. The third key to learning this exclusive brain-gut healing relationship is familiarizing yourself with the philosophy I teach my clients: The information processed inside the mind travels through the body’s entire digestive process for release through the colon. Your colon communicates with your mind and takes on the responsibility of interpreting those thoughts. If you are constipated in your mind, your body will replicate this stagnation through a constipated colon.

The Spirit

As a Sage, I receive spiritual guidance creating an opening for intuitive vision of a client’s stagnation. Additionally, as an energy healer, this information is deciphered from the entire body while an interesting segment is disseminated from the colon. My clients engaged with colonic therapy receive spiritual coaching during the session allowing individuals to build awareness of the healing connection between their brain function and colon. Thus, the final key to comprehending this distinctive brain-gut relationship is realizing that the spiritual guidance has a significant purpose in the brain-gut healing process:

1. It enables the client to tap into their constipating thoughts. In turn, this expression shows relationship within the colon through the simultaneous movement of its related waste.

2. This liberation from dormant waste yields clarity of the mind, a heightened awareness of gut intuition and the courage to execute this inner guidance.

This communication challenges you to embrace a paradigm shift. Do you dare to engage? Holistic Healing includes whole body function as an approach to long-term health. The mind, body and spirit correlate to the head through to the toes. Whenever you are ready to heal, remember the 4 keys of this amazing healing relationship between the brain and colon. Your health regimen must include a whole body approach.

Sage Joya Z. Baynes is a Certified Colon Therapist providing spiritual guidance, energy healing and accountability coaching during her sessions. Clients committed to their healing journey experience quantum transformational healing beyond their expectations. Sage Joya is enthusiastic about teaching individuals the importance of whole body healing through the integration of colonic therapy with medical treatments and alternative modalities for the mind, body and spirit. Here at our clients has been entertained well by our services.

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