Get to Know Your Pilates Gear

There are different pieces of Pilates gear that you can buy and use. Some of these exercise gear are simple yet very effective in giving you a fit and lean body. Getting to know each one of this training device would help you make an informed buying decision. Dynamic pilates manly is designed for all fitness and ability levels, offering all the benefits of Pilates including overall strength, flexibility, coordination and balance.

Pilates apparel:

When you think of Pilates clothing, you should think about comfort, style and fit. Fabrics that can give you good stretch and fit are spandex, cotton, polyester or nylon. Choose pants that fit snugly but comfortably on your hips and waist, with a slight opening at the legs. For tops, choose a design that would not ride up while you are exercising.

Pilates chair:

This gear is great for enhancing your Pilates exercise. Choose a design that will help you in doing movements that you would not usually do when exercising on the floor. You can choose a combination chair that would allow you to do different lower body or upper arm movements. A lifetime warranty on this product would be advantageous for you.

Pilates mat:

This is an essential gear, especially when practicing Pilates at home. This gear is important in balancing and proper aligning of your body during workout. It is also a must for protecting and supporting your back during the exercise. There are many different mats available on the market today. Before shopping for one, make sure that you can tell the difference between Pilates and yoga mats. They differ in thickness and most yoga mats are not suited for Pilates training because the former are thin.

Pilates ball:

This is an over-sized exercise ball that provides many fitness benefits, including helping you develop your balance. If you are practicing Pilates at home and you want to use this gear, try to find a DVD on Pilates that uses the exercise ball. Various exercises performed using this gear require you to focus your balance on a central point. This makes the muscles around the area do the work, thus improving and enhancing your balance.

Pilates reformer:

This is a great machine for those who are serious about practicing Pilates. This device may be complicated and daunting to look at, but with the right instructions it can be easy to use. Using this gear in your workout is different from using other training devices. For one, this device helps you develop and improve your balance and technique which are essential elements of the Pilates workout.

This gear comes in various types. Some are custom designed which are capable of holding heavy weights and may include special features. Whatever your preferences are, keep in mind that there is always a reformer available for anyone, whether you are a beginner, expert, a Stott Pilates practitioner, elderly or someone who is exercising for physical rehabilitation and strengthening.

Pilates ring:

This gear is popular for its versatility and portability. Popularly known as magic circle, this gear is usually made of rubber or flexible metal with small pads on both sides. It enhances your exercise by providing mild and moderate resistance and allows you to focus your workout on certain muscle groups.

Pilates rebounder:

This gear looks like a mini trampoline. When choosing one, make sure that it is sturdy enough and would not tip over. Choose a model that can be easily installed, moved and disassemble for easy storage in a closet or under the bed. Using the right rebounder would help your strengthen your heart, improve metabolism and oxygen circulation and develop and enhance your muscle tone.

Whatever Pilates gear you consider buying, make sure that you do your homework first about each item that interest you. Head on to polestarpilates for the list of Pilates exercises.

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