Interesting Facts About Paintings And Artists

Every painting is unique

Every canvas of an artist is unique and they all contain a piece of their creator. Painting, as any other form of art, has its own nuances and artists have their own tricks. Storyboard artist Sydney has a different skills sets compare to other artists.

It’s impossible to write all about painting here in this article; however, there is a list of interesting facts connected with some famous masterpieces and artists that you will probably be surprised to find out. Read on if you would like to know more about art.

Surprising facts

  1. Apelles was an ancient Greek painter and a friend of Alexander the Great. Many interesting things are associated with this artist. According to one of the legends, Apelles held a competition among other artists of who could create the most realistic painting. One of the artists painted a grape-vine so realistically that birds wanted to sit on the canvas as they were passing it. Then when people tried to take a drape off of Apelles’ creation, they realized that they couldn’t because it was painted on the canvas!
  2. Nobody knew the date when Sir Peter Paul Rubens created one of his famous masterpieces Assembly of the Gods on Olympus. Then finally astronomers got interested in it and discovered that the characters on the painting are sitting in the same order as planets situated on the sky in the year of 1602.
  3. In the Soviet Union every artist had to pass a special art committee with every one of their paintings. Quite often members of that committee didn’t know anything about art that’s why artists had to use different tricks to get their works approved. Once one of the Russian artists painted a small yellow dog in the corner of the painting and it became the main topic for discussion for the committee. The verdict was to approve the painting only if the artist removes the dog.
  4. Henricus Antonius “Han” van Meegeren was a very talented Dutch artist. Unfortunately his own paintings were not truly appreciated by the public; however, his reproductions of other famous canvases were extremely popular. He even had to go to court and prove that they were his reproductions and not the originals he sold abroad.
  5. Another artist managed to sell his painting by a very elaborate way. He painted a reproduction of one of Monet’s canvases and put it in a frame over his own work. Then he took it to an art restorer who found out the hidden painting under the Monet’s replica.

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