The Rising Popularity of Hens Parties in Melbourne

The Playlounge was meticulously designed to cater for any and every function type especially hens night venues Melbourne. Traditionally, it was the groom to be who had a raucous night of fun before the wedding day loomed. What is popularly known as a stag party, or bachelor party, was full of fun with the friends of the groom to be, beer aplenty, lots of appetizing food, and of course great entertainment and fun! Today, women are not far behind! In Australia, Hens parties are becoming increasingly popular. In Melbourne alone, almost every day there are dozens of hens parties happening around the city. This is the day that brides-to-be celebrate a night out of fun and frolic with their friends, all called hens, before the wedding day. It is often a day that full freedom and excitement.

Who plans the Hens party?

Usually it is the best friends of the bride to be who go all out to plan the Hens party. Everyone knows it will be the last day that she will ever be single again and so it has to be a special event. So brainstorming for the Hens party often begins weeks before the big day. Hens party ideas are researched and pooled together and the best one is chosen from the lot.

What makes for a successful hens party in Australia?

People in Melbourne are fun, light-hearted, multicultural, and love to party! While there are several elements that go to make a successful hens party, perhaps the most important one is food! Yes, people in Melbourne are foodies with so many choices of restaurants and cuisines available in the city. The best Hens party ideas for women in Melbourne would be one that involves or revolves around food!

Why food-based themes makes for great hens party ideas

Women in Melbourne are exposed to different cuisines because the city is a melting pot of different culture from all over the world. From Thai to Vietnamese, Japanese to Chinese, Indian to Arabian, people from all these parts of the world have made the city their home, opening up restaurants that have become well loved. If the bride to be is a foodie then the chances are that she will share similar interests with her friends too. So the best bet for a memorable Hens party would be to base it around the theme of food.

How to organize a food-based Hens party?

There is no need to sweat and stress about the party organization around a food based theme. In Melbourne, there are many ways in which you could convert your foodie Hens party ideas into a fabulous event without sweating the small stuff. There is no need to go around shopping for ingredients, hunting down recipes, assembling a menu, prepping the ingredients, arranging a venue, making sure everyone has drinks and refreshments, etc. All you have to do is arrange with a cooking studio in Melbourne to arrange the Hens party for you and they will do the rest!

How does a cooking studio make for a great hens party?

At a cooking studio, you can just sit back and relax and let the studio take over the arrangements of the Hens party. From the menu to the refreshments, the cooking to the actual food, everything will be taken care of in style. So all that the bride to be and her friends need to do is enjoy each other’s company, enjoy the cooking classes from different cuisines, savor their culinary achievements right away, and take home valuable experience, recipes, and tips that they can put to good use even later! So not only do you gift the bride and your friends a great evening out, you also gift wonderful memories that will be cherished forever!

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