Pilates Rings – How To Use It For Strong Muscles

Dynamic Pilates Manly successfully turned my body into an athlete. For those of you who are on a consequent quest for ways to flatten and strengthen their abdominals you are probably well acquainted with Pilates. Pilates promises to target your core muscles in the body with a series of exercises. If you are already a devotee of this type of exercise you may have even been practicing at home in front of a DVD or at the gym with elaborate equipment. What you may not know is that there is a piece of equipment called the Pilates Ring that is simple and effective to use and is a ideal way to practice Pilates wherever you are without the need to have access to the more complex equipment that you find at your gym.

The Pilates Ring was designed for use when practising Winsor Pilates. Winsor Pilates is a series of exercises that concentrate on working the muscles of the abdominals, back and pelvis, also known as the core muscles. In spite of the fact that these exercises are low impact and intensity Pilates really does work and is especially beneficial for those whose level of health is low. To achieve the best results Winsor Pilates should be practised three times a week, and within a month the effects of Winsor Pilates will definitely be seen. If you are interested in trying Windsor Pilates it is widely available on DVD.

The great thing about the Pilates Ring is that as well as being very effective in strengthening the core muscles it targets other areas as well. Leg, arm, abdominal and chest muscle groups are all considerably advantaged by its use. As you can see it works well on most areas of the body providing strength and tone to the muscles. The Pilates ring can be used on all these muscle groups evenly or you can focus on one particular problem area if you wish. It is the perfect accessory for a complete Pilates workout. It is important, however, that you make sure that you take your instruction from a qualified and accredited Pilates instructor. The reason for the need of an instructor is like any exercise if movements are performed incorrectly damage to the muscle can occur.

Although the name Pilates ring is the generic term for this piece of equipment manufacturers may rename their particular brand. Also because the Pilates ring is essentially used as a resistance piece of equipment, there may be different strengths to choose from. Ideally, it is better to have many different resistance levels for your Pilates ring so that each part of the body is exercised at the same level of resistance. As your strength increases you may wish to increase the level of resistance for a more challenging workout. You should remember not to start with the highest level of resistance, but gradually work up to that level as you become more proficient in the exercises and you know that your body is ready to workout at the next level. Again it has to be stressed how important it is to use the equipment correctly and to make sure that you have been instructed by a professional. This advice will prevent you from damaging your muscles and in some cases causing further injury problems.

The Pilates ring is designed to be comfortable for the user. There are padded foam grips which actually come into contact with the body, thus making your workout a more pleasant experience. Pilates rings are easily transportable as the material used for their manufacture is very light and easy to carry. You will find that Pilates rings can be taken with you wherever you wish to practice the exercises.

Though the design of the Pilates ring is primarily for use when practising Winsor Pilates there are many other exercise programmes which can incorporate the use of this piece of equipment. Its versatility is a great advantage. If you are concentrating on Winsor Pilates you will be pleased to know that you need very little equipment to make it possible. If you have not been involved in an exercise programme before or you are starting Winsor Pilates for the first time it is essential that you consult your instructor before embarking on this venture.

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